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El Paso Mortgage Refinance

Ready to refinance your home and take advantage of today’s historically low rates? Lone Star Financing has an office right here in El Paso and can quickly process your home lone with top notch customer service! Maybe you’re thinking about adding an addition to your home or starting a new remodeling project. With interest rates so low, you can refinance your home and have enough extra cash for that remodeling project. Refinancing will not only cut your mortgage, but it will lower your payment and give you the incentive to make you want to just run to Home Depot! Rates are currently at about 4% for a 30-year fixed mortgage and you can refinance up to 90% of your existing mortgage, even if you’re credit’s not great and that’s where a local El Paso mortgage lender can help.

Refinancing your home mortgage with LoneStar Financing online is now fast and easy. Complete the online El Paso home refinance application or call one our El Paso Texas refinance office today to get the best rates and lowest possible closing costs for your mortgage refinance.

The money is yours to use any way you like — when you refinance, you can borrow additional cash to plan a dream vacation, upgrade your home, or just keep a cash reserve on hand as a financial buffer against emergencies.

Is it worth your time to refinance your current El Paso, Texas home? Call us directly at 915-503-1574 to speak with Yvette Acevedo and her friendly team.

We Specialize in Mortgage Refinancing

Lone Star Financing specializes in all types of home loans in and around El Paso. Mortgage refinance can help you with multi-year fixed mortgages as well as adjustable rate mortgages. Let Lone Star Financing get you lower payments and lock in that lower interest rate – and don’t forget, you’ll get a little extra cash when you refinance that can get you started on that remodeling project! With home values going up in El Paso, now’s the time to add a little more equity into your home. Let Lone Star Financing help you get that mortgage back on track and start working on that new kitchen or bathroom. Contact Lone Star Financing if you need to refinance your mortgage in El Paso!

Advantages of Refinancing

  • Low rates
  • Refinance up to 90%
  • Use cash for any reason
  • Loan amounts up to $2 million
  • Financing for single family residences or multi-unit properties
  • Less that perfect credit
El Paso Mortgage Refinancing

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